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Our number one environmental goal is to make products that are used and loved for as long as possible. So, our materials need to be robust and maintain a lasting appeal.

Bio Phone Case

Can I compost the Bio Phone Case at home?

Like avocado pits, eggshells and other tough materials, this case will decompose better through industrial composting or your municipal organic waste collection.

How long does it take to break down?

In the right conditions, it should be almost entirely gone in about 6 months or so.

What is bio-based polymer?

Basically, a polymer is a moldable material made from large chains of smaller molecules. In these cases, the polymer sources include renewable plant-based materials.

Does this mean it’s biodegradable?

Sure does! Fun fact: all compostable materials are biodegradable, but not vice versa.

Our Leathers

Premium leather is durable, supple and has timeless appeal. It ages gracefully and forms a unique character depending on how you use it. This makes it ideal for wallets and other small carry goods. Despite extensive ongoing research, we’re yet to find another material that offers the same balance of qualities (eg most faux or vegan leathers perform poorly when it comes to environmental impact or long term durability).

All of our leathers come from Gold Rated LWG tanneries, which helps ensure its production meets strict environmental guidelines. To read more about considerations in this space, including animal welfare concerns, please read our page on Responsible Business.

If you’re interested in the different types of leather we use, how it ages and how to care for it, check out Our Leather page.

Woven Fabrics and Other Materials

We only ever use non-toxic, durable and water-resistant fabrics.

For further information on the fabrics we use for our bags, pouches and woven tech cases, visit our materials page.

For our phone cases we combine leather with moulded thermoplastic polymers to provide extra protection and durability. The cases are lined with microfiber to cushion your phone and prevent scratches.

In our All-conditions products we offer a 500 denier woven polyamide with a double polyurethane backing. It’s lightweight, while providing solid abrasion and water resistance for secure protection from the elements.

We use a combination of YKK and OOK zips, including the YKK Aquaguard zipper for All-conditions styles and external quick-access pockets on many of our bags.

Most linings are recyclable polyester and the threads are nylon. Both offer long term durability, which is our biggest environmental goal.

As our product range grows, so does the range of materials we use to produce them. We aim to update this section over time as things develop.

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