The Travel Collection

This collection is for travelers who know there’s a better way. To glide through the airport, and shift from traveler to local in one bag change. With adaptable formats, security features and pockets exactly where you need them, you can travel like a leader of the pack, too.

Maximum usable space

Through clever patterns and pocketing, we make sure you have the most packable space in the smallest, slimmest package. No wastage, no empty corners.

Intuitive access

When traveling, you have more to keep track of. So we position our pockets for best access in the moments that matter. Passports against your body, laptops from a single opening, essentials at the ready.

Adaptable formats

We design for all travel scenarios, not just the flight: slings and small bags for out and about, packable totes for extras, travel packs that serve multiple types of travel from the road to the trail to the long haul.

Lightweight, water-resistant materials

Slash-proof straps and RFID linings for security

Durable and made to last

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