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Our Materials

Our Materials

We select our materials based on a balance of functionality, durability and their ability to age gracefully. We are also committed to making them environmentally sustainable and to pursuing recycled woven fabrics that keep excess plastics out of landfill (and oceans).


Our leathers are environmentally certified and sourced only from gold-rated Leather Working Group tanneries, which means they’re the best we can get for our products and the environment. Learn more.

Types of leather

Designers Edition

Distinctive and complex

These leathers are the cornerstone of the Designers Edition range, distinguished by their complexity in texture, finish and soft touch. Where possible, this leather has been left to sweep or wrap through each product to minimize corners, maximize space and enhance the flow of leather.

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Looks newer for longer

Our semi-aniline dressed leathers are more resilient to marking than our naked leathers, while still retaining a natural appearance. A light natural coating of pigment keeps things looking newer for longer, resulting in a wonderful balance between consistency and character.

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Protection in all weather

Our All-Conditions leathers are our most durable, able to repel both water and wear. These leathers develop more pronounced surface marks that can be buffed away using your fingertips.

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Shows more character

Our naked leathers showcase the aniline hides in a more natural state – minimal intervention means the grain and personality remain on full display. As you handle them, the grain develops a richer texture and establishes stronger character and color.

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Delicate, soft touch

Nubuck is known for its suede-like feel and marbled texture. Similar to our Naked leathers, it gains a rich patina over time. Although it looks like suede, Nubuck is crafted from top grain leather, which has more strength and durability.

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Caring for your leather

When leather gets wet

Whether you spill a drop, a drink or a bucket on your leather, gently wipe the excess moisture away with a clean cloth and let the leather dry on its own away from sunlight.

When leather gets dry

Rub an uncolored leather cream or conditioner through your leather to bring softness and depth back into it. Options made from natural ingredients only are best.

When leather gets dirty

For stains, use a leather cleaner only. It’s also a good idea to apply leather conditioner after cleaning, and whenever you feel like the leather needs a bit of TLC. Remember to use conditioners that are suitable for aniline or semi-aniline leather.


Our fabrics are all non-toxic, water-resistant and highly durable. Where they differ is in the handfeel, appearance and abrasion resistance.

Types of fabric

Canva Weave

Natural look and feel

This soft-woven polyester has the look and natural feel of cotton canvas, with the added benefit of water-resistance and improved durability. The combination of a longer life, less water use and reduced energy consumption during production also makes polyester a better environmental choice than cotton.

Available in:

Recycled Ripstop

Natural feel with an edge

This is a durable fabric made from 100% recycled plastics. It is produced in a Canva weave, which means it holds a natural feel, that’s good for your hands and even better for the environment. As the name suggests, it is also highly resistant to wear and tear.

Available in:

Brushed Weave

Modern, with a heritage feel

This brushed-back polyester has the soft feel of a peach, with the durability of the pit within. It’s a great balance of abrasion-resistance with a classic appeal. Solid water resistance also means it has added technical function that belies its more natural appearance.

Available in:

Fine Weave

Smooth feel, lasting appeal

The fine weave and high thread count on this fabric creates a surface that’s smoother than any of the others. ‘Fine’ can often mean ‘delicate’, but this one is just as durable. Its flat surface holds a very subtle lustre, and gives a modern – but not technical – look to a bag.

Available in:

Venture Weave

For texture and durability

Venture Weave is a specially developed super-tight weave of polyester that is crimped before production to add a unique texture, and extra abrasion resistance. It’s easy to clean and holds excellent water-resistance.

Available in:

Dura Nylon

Striking look, extra strength

This type of Nylon has a long-standing heritage with the military and is known for its durability, tear resistance and comparatively light weight for its strength. It is highly water-resistant, and ideal for performance styles that call for a technical feel and function.

Available in:

Baida Nylon

Unique feel, superior performance

This specially designed, highly innovative technical fabric is made from 100% recycled industrial nylon. A heat treatment on the yarn gives the finish a crinkled texture, while the compact weave offers extra resistance to water and wear. It’s lightweight, crisp and completely unique.

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Caring for your fabrics

To clean your fabric product, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. For more serious stains, look for a high grade multi-purpose fabric cleaner like you’d use on your sofa. Avoid detergents or bleach. And as tempting as it might be, never put it through the washing machine.

While our fabrics are durable and pretty excellent at resisting water and wear, it’s a good idea to keep sharp objects packaged up properly, should you need to carry them. Small cuts in the lining or exterior fabric will weaken the overall durability and resistance.

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