Our Materials

We select our materials based on a balance of functionality, durability and their ability to age gracefully. We are also committed to making them environmentally sustainable – using fabrics made from recycled and plant-derived materials, and sourcing leathers with the least environmental impact.

Eco-tanned leather

We use leather for things like wallets and zip pulls, because it feels great in hand, and stands up to the test of time. And we only use the best leather we can source, from Leather Working Group gold-rated tanneries.

DriTan™ leather

Sourced from specialist tannery, ECCO Leather, these leathers are tanned using their revolutionary DriTan™ technique. This innovative method harnesses the moisture in the hide, saving water and reducing chemicals. The result is a rich, durable leather that’s better on the environment.


Shows more character

This finish gives our DriTan™ leather a natural look and feel, so it develops rich texture and plenty of character as it ages.

Available in:


All of our leather comes from tanneries that have earned a gold rating from the Leather Working Group, meaning they’ve achieved excellence in environmental and labor practices. It also means our leather is premium quality, so it feels great, and ages beautifully.


Shows more character

This finish showcases the aniline hides in a more natural state – allowing the grain and personality to develop richer texture and character as they age.

Available in:


Looks newer for longer

These are more resilient to marking than our naked leathers, while still looking natural.

Available in:


Stands up to splashes

This unique finish is available in both dressed and naked leather, and is infused with an oil during tanning that gives it impressive water resistance.

Available in:

Recycled fabrics

The 100% recycled polyester and nylon fabrics we use in our bags and pouches perform just as well as virgin materials, with far less impact on the environment.

Recycled polyester

Made from 100% recycled plastic water bottles

Ribba Weave

Natural feel, durable performance

This versatile all-rounder balances the natural matte look of canvas, with a performance finish that’s easy to clean.

Available in:

Canva Ripstop

Natural feel with an edge

This weave has a natural canvas feel that’s great in your hands. As the name suggests, it is also highly resistant to wear and tear.

Available in:

ECOPAK™ by Challenge Sailcloth

Rugged recycled innovation

Lightweight, waterproof and super durable, this composite is made from 100% recycled materials, with non-toxic laminate adhesive.

Available in:

Textured diamond ripstop

Lightweight stability, soft touch

A third of the weight of our other fabrics, this diamond-patterned ripstop allows us to go light without compromising strength. The yarn is lightly textured, making it both soft and matte.

Available in:

Looma Weave

Comfortable yet innovative

This strong weave is both textural and warm – reminiscent of comfortable home furnishings, yet imbued with innovation and technical performance.

Available in:

Fine Weave

Smooth feel, lasting appeal

This fine weave’s high thread count creates a smooth finish, that’s still durable. A very subtle lustre gives it a modern – but not technical – look.

Available in:

Puffed Polyester

Compressible and soft

This lightweight, highly compressible weave adds a soft external touch to our 3M™ Thinsulate™ Insulated cooler range.

Available in:

Recycled nylon

Made from 100% recycled industrial nylon offcuts

Baida Nylon

Unique feel, superior performance

A heat treatment on the yarn creates a crinkled finish, plus extra resistance to water and wear. It’s lightweight, crisp and completely unique.

Available in:

Dura Nylon

Striking look, extra strength

This weave’s military heritage, durability, tear-resistance and light weight make it ideal for performance styles that call for a technical feel and function.

Available in:

Baida Ripstop

Unique ripstop feel, superior performance

The crinkled finish of our Baida Nylon is paired with a strong ripstop, for a technical fabric that’s equal parts lustrous aesthetics and durable performance.

Available in:

Bio-based materials

These innovative materials offer impressive performance, while treading lightly on the earth.

Derived from plants

Made from renewable and upcycled plant fibers

MIRUM® – 100% natural

Straight from nature

An innovative leather alternative made with a custom formulation of natural rubber, soy beans and biomass charcoal, with an organic cotton backing.

Available in:


Grown from the earth. Made for the planet.

Crafted from sustainably harvested wood pulp and upcycled cotton offcuts, this weave has a structured, canvas-like feel that’s both soft and strong.

Available in:


Made from materials that can safely return to the earth

Bio-based Polymer

Flexible, durable, compostable

This soft-touch polymer is made with renewable, bio-based materials, mixed with bamboo fiber for an intriguing visual texture. It is fully compostable.

Available in:

Caring for your leather

When leather gets wet

Whether you spill a drop, a drink or a bucket on your leather, gently wipe the excess moisture away with a clean cloth and let the leather dry on its own away from sunlight.

When leather gets dry

Rub an uncolored leather cream or conditioner through your leather to bring softness and depth back into it. Options made from natural ingredients only are best.

When leather gets dirty

For stains, use a leather cleaner only. It’s also a good idea to apply leather conditioner after cleaning, and whenever you feel like the leather needs a bit of TLC. Remember to use conditioners that are suitable for aniline or semi-aniline leather.

Caring for your fabrics

To clean your fabric product, simply wipe it with a damp cloth. For more serious stains, look for a high grade multi-purpose fabric cleaner like you’d use on your sofa. Avoid detergents or bleach. And as tempting as it might be, never put it through the washing machine.

While our fabrics are durable and pretty excellent at resisting water and wear, it’s a good idea to keep sharp objects packaged up properly, should you need to carry them. Small cuts in the lining or exterior fabric will weaken the overall durability and resistance.

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