Our approach to business as a force for good.

We believe business can be a force for good in the world, and we’re working hard to create a more vibrant future. We’re proud to be part of the B Corp movement, in which certified companies use the power of business to help solve social and environmental problems.

Certified B Corporation
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What does that future look like?

One in which people, animals and the planet can sustain – not sacrifice – each other. Progress for one has knock-on effects for the others, so supporting the whole loop is our focus. For example, if there’s something that works better for animals, but harms the planet in the process, we’ll turn our attention to developing a solution that works better for both.

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How are we fostering a more sustainable system?

We research widely, experiment boldly, then analyse, iterate and update if necessary. To ensure we’re doing the most good we can – while balancing the needs and consequences for all.

  1. Improving the way our customers can move through the world
    • By making products that are used and loved for as long as possible.
    • By making sure our products are available where our customers need them.
      • We ship directly to 187 countries around the world, translate our content into seven languages and partner with approximately 1000 retailers globally.
    • We founded Carryology as the world's first carry community to progress how we carry, not just what we carry.
      • Millions of readers now benefit from industry-wide tips, tricks and learnings garnered from experience and shared from generosity.
  2. Nurturing strong relationships with our partners, who contribute to the growth of responsible business
    • By ensuring good – not just fair – conditions for all of our suppliers and factory workers.
      • Our supplier Code of Conduct and audit process ensures that Bellroy's suppliers provide safe working conditions, that their workers are treated with respect and dignity, and that the manufacturing processes are environmentally responsible.
    • By aligning with professional organizations who share our values.
      • This includes our suppliers, retailers and brand partners, to not only achieve the first objective of the partnership, but actively work together to improve how we both do things.
    • By integrating our partners with purpose, to develop better business practices, supply chain processes and working conditions together.
  3. Working hard to help our crew – all around the world – flourish
    • The guiding statement that unites our crew is: smart people, with good intentions, who get shit done.
    • We are inspired by a ‘tangible progress towards meaningful goals, together’ principle in choosing what to work on. Based on a combination of the original principle, plus our own research into human flourishing.
    • We invest in the growth of our people, encourage broad perspectives and offer learning and collaboration with experts from many industries and schools of thought.
      • From a 100% completion rate survey, 100% of our staff said they looked forward to coming to work, and that management genuinely seeks and responds to ideas.
  1. Working hard to improve traceability in the leather industry, for better treatment of the animals
    • We chaired the Leather Working Group’s animal welfare subcommittee since its inception in 2016. And we remain actively involved since its integration into LWG as the Traceability Working Group (from March 2023) – making progress on the issues of animal welfare and traceability.
  2. Supporting the development of more compassionate farming practices of all farmed animals
    • We have donated significant funds to Farm Forward, and continue to look for ways to contribute to real change.
    • We lean towards science-based research such as Project Drawdown to inform where we can make the greatest impact.
  3. Actively pursuing a future version of leather with less dependence on livestock (and no harm to the planet)
    • We have invested in the development of – and were the first brand to commercially release – Natural Fiber Welding’s plant-based technology MIRUM®. And we continue to work with NFW in exploring and progressing the material's potential.
  1. Making products that are used and loved for as long as possible
    • Our main goal is to limit consumption and minimize the amount of stuff that ends up in landfill. Our products are hard-wearing and our designs classic, so that they stay in use for years.
    • We prioritize materials that are fit for purpose, proven to last, and known to get better with age.
    • We remain inspired by Cradle-to-Cradle principles as the smartest and most realistic principles to follow.
  2. Addressing current challenges that pose a threat to the environment
    • We help to clean up the waste that’s already in the system by using fabrics made from recycled bottles and industrial waste nylon. See our progress.
    • 100% of the leather we use is sourced from Leather Working Group gold-rated tanneries – rated the best for their environmental practices.
    • We use Bluesign® approved materials where they make sense – currently 88% of our textile materials – to preserve resources and significantly reduce the impact on people and the environment.
    • We work hard to eliminate serious toxins and toxicants throughout our products and packaging.
    • We seek biodegradable or recyclable materials and products where they make sense.
    • We aim to reduce waste and energy consumption through our entire process.
  3. Supporting the advancement of technologies that contribute to our vision of a vibrant future
    • We believe in the development of regenerative practices that repair and improve whole ecosystems.
    • We actively support plant-based innovations that solve environmental problems and don’t sacrifice our other goals (such as longevity of our product).
    • We work hard to invest in things that will ‘close the loop’ and keep our minds open to learning and development that might change our priorities.

And we are committed to following through.

Using business as a force for good means more to us than words on a page. Our thirst for innovation and change helps drive our possibility into action. We don’t do anything ‘just because’, nor do we take the road commonly traveled because it’s how things have always been done. Join us as we search for better ways to do, well, everything.

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