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Product Specifics

Are all the wallets as slim as each other?

No. Within our range, some are slimmer than others. Essentially, the more features you want (e.g. access to lots of cards with equal priority), the more storage space you'll need to accommodate that. Check out Slim Your Wallet and find out which wallet is best you.

Are Bellroy wallets the slimmest?

No. We do not have the slimmest wallets. If you want to wrap your cards in cling film, you can make a slimmer wallet. Instead, what we offer is a wallet that is as slim as we can get it without compromising on intelligent interactions, considered materials, and comfort in everyday use.

Are Bellroy products RFID protected?

We appreciate that theft using RFID skimming can happen in certain circumstances, so we’ve made our Note Sleeve, Hide & Seek and Travel Wallet RFID secure. The technology has been incorporated into these styles as this is where we believe the technology will be most useful, but please let us know if we should consider the technology for other Bellroy products by emailing us

What is RFID Protection?

RFID-blocking wallets are designed to help protect you from a specific type of theft, called RFID skimming – which is where information from high frequency (13.56MHz) RFID-based credit cards, passports and transport passes are read and duplicated. RFID skimming is not common, but it can happen in certain cases. For a more detailed article on RFID we recommend this balanced explanation by our friends at Carryology.

HeiQ HyProTecht FAQs

What is HeiQ HyProTech Technology?

HeiQ HyProTecht is a Swiss-engineered antimicrobial technology, proven to protect materials from contamination by microbes. It’s made from an advanced silver technology that inhibits the growth and survival of microorganisms. We apply it to the surface of our materials, so you can carry your essentials, without giving germs a ride.

How does it work?

HeiQ HyProTecht works using advanced silver technology, and a vesicle technology as a booster. Silver admits silver-ions to inhibit bacteria on a fabric’s surface. The vesicle technology depletes the microbes’s membrane so the silver can work more efficiently and rapidly, to attack the core of the microbe. Sound like science fiction? Head over to the HeiQ website for a full explanation.

How long does the protection last?

While an exact time span is hard to say, we know that clothing made with HeiQ HyProTecht fabrics is effective for at least 30 washes. And since our products don't go in the washing machine – spot cleaning will do the trick – we're confident their protection will last at least the length of their three-year warranty.

Is the entire product protected?

The HeiQ HyProTecht technology is added to the highest-touch surfaces of our products – the external fabrics of our bags and pouches, and the leather of our wallets. That means that some parts of these products, like webbing straps and handles, or the interior lining of wallets, aren’t protected.

Can I wash it?

When it comes to cleaning, our HeiQ HyProTecht products are no different from the rest of our range. Spot cleaning is best, and washing machines are a big no-no. Find more cleaning tips on our materials page.

Are there any risks to using these products?

To microbes – absolutely! To you – none at all. HeiQ HyProTecht is completely safe, non-toxic and sustainable. It uses only bio-based and recycled ingredients, all of which are certified cosmetic-grade and hypoallergenic, so it won’t irritate your skin. Unlike microbes, you have nothing to fear from these products.

Does this mean your other products carry more germs?

Our regular products carry no more germs than, say, your clothing. It all depends on how you use them – put your bag on the bathroom floor, and it’s likely to pick up more germs. The benefit of our HeiQ HyProTecht products is the added level of protection they offer. So, there’s no extra risk from using untreated products. Just added peace of mind from using HeiQ HyProTecht products.