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Head of Brand Marketing


Since we launched our first range of five slim wallets in 2010, we’ve grown to offer a broad range of carry goods reaching customers in 160+ countries, selling through 1200+ physical retail locations and 20+ digital marketplaces globally. We’ve evolved and refined our approach over the years, but we remain guided by the same principles.

We're (still) on a mission to inspire better ways to carry, use business as a force for good and help the world, and our crew, flourish.

As a certified B Corp, we’re committed to operating a responsible business, balancing impact, profit and growth to create a meaningful, resilient, and engaging company. We’ve built a world-class team of experts in their fields to push us in the right direction. With great products and solid brand foundations, we feel primed to harness the potential of more focused brand marketing initiatives that can propel Bellroy further.


As our first Head of Brand Marketing, you’ll be pivotal in growing Bellroy's awareness as well as co-piloting our brand strategy and how it responds to an ever-changing consumer culture. From product collaborations to content partnerships, campaign activations to community events; you'll get Bellroy out into the world in new ways, beyond our current quiver of performance marketing channels. You’ll find new ways to engage with unique yet aligned audiences, identify narratives that resonate globally and help us establish robust feedback loops that enrich our understanding of customer experiences. You'll lead a team and collaborate closely with our co-founders and cross-functional teams including Creative, Performance Marketing, Product Management and Sales.

Bring us your curious, analytical and insightful marketing brain to help us grow. In return, we’ll offer a line-up of great products, the ability to think big and a brand ready to hit new heights.


  • Met with the Product Management team to share an idea for a product collaboration with a global brand, tentatively in discussions for 2025
  • Started developing the longer-term strategic direction and planning for Content Partnerships, including working with our Creative team to design evergreen campaigns specifically for this distribution channel
  • Reviewed Range 2, 2025 campaigns with other members of our Brand Management team and pitched an unexplored marketing channel you think would be worth testing
  • Identified an untapped customer base and strategised how we might target them, considering consumer psychology and what they would find persuasive
  • Kicked off a project to define our target audience, and specifically identifying the marketing channels they use
  • Helped the Digital Sales team understand a new digital content distribution platform and identify what success on that new platform would look like
  • Worked with our Data Team to setup new reporting that gets Bellroy closer to being able to measure the impact of Brand Marketing programs, and provide insights into next opportunities for growth.
  • Reviewed Brand Marketing programs for the previous quarter against target performance, looking at both cost and revenue. Fed this information back into your model for Brand Marketing budgeting and improved your view of how Brand Marketing activities should be funded.
  • Got your geek on, reading "Why We Buy: The Science of Shopping" to brush up on your customer modelling
  • Worked with a member of your team to develop their conflict resolution skills
  • Started mapping out initiatives for 2024 and beyond for first-round feedback from Sales and Creative teams, including how to approach; brand measurement, a customer loyalty program, and the use of consumer psychology to influence multi-year brand-building campaigns


  • Have 7+ years of experience in marketing a product brand on a global scale and understand the nuanced differences between customer groups in key markets
  • Have at least a couple of years experience managing marketing teams and genuinely enjoy helping others to progress
  • Possess a deep understanding of the channels and methods to grow a brand following, and enjoy being involved in both brand strategy and implementation of these
  • Are creative in your thinking and listen to your gut while knowing how important it is to verify a hunch (extra points if you’re familiar with System 1 and System 2 thinking)
  • Know how to measure the impact of campaigns, recognising that sometimes measurement is through data analysis and sometimes it’s through novel ways to understand a campaign’s success
  • Are willing to explain your ideas, and note that sometimes you’ll be convinced to change your mind, and that’s all part of the fun
  • Studied psychology, either formally or informally along the way - considering human behaviour comes naturally to you and you use existing models to predict what might motivate customers to grow, engage or buy
  • Enjoy exploring new ideas, tracking cultural trends, researching other brands and diving into datasets to build new models of how to engage the right audiences and evoke emotional connections


This role is a full-time role based out of our Collingwood (Melbourne) HQ.

Start Day: We're ready when you are!


Inspire better ways to carry.
Use business as a force for good.
Help the world, and our crew, flourish.

Our Spaces

Bellroy' is a fusion of our two homes – Bells Beach and Fitzroy. Bells Beach brings a relaxed, outdoor vibe to balance Fitzroy's creative, urban style. The city and the sea; inspiration and adventure. Together they provide a perfect balance.

Bells Beach

Our beach HQ sits behind giant sandstone cliffs that overlook one of Australia’s best-known surfing coastlines. It’s where our Product Designers experiment in the Maker Lab, and our Sales team consume awesome amounts of espresso and Skype bandwidth. Things are more tranquil here than our Fitzroy neighbours and we like the focus that can create. There’s a cafe right next door if you need a quick bite and our 11am surf check always provides the perfect chance to reset the mind with some salt air.


Our Fitzroy space is immersed in the middle of Melbourne’s creative hub. It’s where our Creative, Marketing, Engineering and Operations teams develop campaigns and ensure each Bellroy is sent safely across the world. Walk out the door and you’ll find streets bursting with energy (and the best ramen joint this side of Tokyo).


Outside of our two main headquarters we have a team that works remotely - from Western Australia to parts of Asia, the USA and Europe. Being global is at the heart of Bellroy, it keeps us connected, and makes sure we see life from many different perspectives. If you have an internet connection and the flexibility to become part of a team you don’t see everyday, you might consider joining our growing global network.

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Our Team

It takes a diverse crew to make Bellroy tick. We’re a collection of thinkers and makers, coming from over 25 different countries (and counting). Everyone has a unique set of skills, which all blend to achieve a clear vision – Inspire better ways to carry; use business as a force for good; help the world, and our crew, flourish.

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