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We’re on a mission to help the world carry with more freedom and flexibility; and to use business as a force for good. Getting our products under people’s noses in the best light possible is a big part of making that mission possible. As the organisational linchpin of our creative and marketing teams, the Creative Producer will help us plan campaigns in advance, follow them through to the end, and do as much as we can with the capacity we have (while still finding time for a philosophical conversation or two).

We work with a growth mindset; experimenting, iterating, shifting and always looking for better ways to achieve our goals. So, our Creative Producer will need to work with our team of designers, storytellers, project managers and marketers to tweak creative systems, finetune approval processes and develop the kind of campaign and capacity plans we’ve only ever dreamed about.

If you can jump on board and help us do that, we’ll ensure you have the tools you need to do a great job, the space to make it happen, and the support you need to flourish.


You’re a decisive, clear thinker. And you’re able to deliver logic and reason with warmth and humility. You’ve seen the creative process from the inside – you might have been a creative yourself in the past, or just helped keep creative teams on the straight and not-too-narrow.

Details are your thing – but you always have the bigger picture in mind. Deadlines are your thing, too. But you’re agile enough to change the plan on the fly when you need to – because you know that’s how it has to be sometimes, to get the best kind of creative out the door.

You’re caring, social and always eager to help. You’re probably the one to initiate a team huddle on the sports field, an overdue family dinner, or group medley during karaoke. Because you’re a dedicated team player (you see the need for a huddle better than anyone else), and you believe that good project management is really about bringing the right people together to get good things done.

You’re pretty humble; more interested in the outcome than the kudos. Sure, it’s great to have good work acknowledged (we all love that), but it’s not what you get out of bed for. You like delighting others, and also like to feel as if you’re doing some good for the world around you. As a consumer-focused design brand, and a B Corp to boot, we’re all about that. So your altruism, generosity and positive spirit will be appreciated here.

If you can spin plates, huddle like a captain and always seek to find better ways of doing things, we want to meet you.


  • Preparing the agenda, and then chairing various team meetings, keeping them on track and coming away with a clear idea of decisions and next steps
  • Picking up on someone’s roadblock in the Creative Team WIP, and working to help them clear it
  • Scoping an upcoming retail marketing activation to help the team assess its viability
  • Mapping creative campaigns for the six months to come, assigning decision leads and assessing time and resources needed for each step of the process
  • Sending a weekly update to key stakeholders on the progress of marketing projects, to help increase visibility and understanding of marketing activity across the business
  • Preparing reports of recent campaign activity to measure the success
  • Bringing teams together to share information, opinions or findings, when you recognise the need for collaboration
  • Checking in with one of our remote designers, to ensure they have what they need, to do what they need to
  • Joining the team’s ridiculous conversation of the day (past topics include: Does the universe have a boundary? Did you know the Monopoly man’s monocle is a result of the Mandela effect? What would you be, if you were furniture?)


  • A couple years experience in a project management or creative co-ordination role – agency experience is a bonus (not a must)
  • The ability to work as a team – even better, to be the one to bring a team together
  • Ability to plan projects and follow them through to completion, prioritising and pushing things forward yourself, and calling on support when needed
  • Confident communication skills
  • Knowledge of some project management frameworks – eg. Kanban or Agile methodology
  • Knowledge of the creative process (in a broad sense)
  • Basic appreciation of – and eye for – good design


This role is full-time and based in our Fitzroy office.

Start Day: We're ready when you are!

Creative Producer


Inspire better ways to carry.
Use business as a force for good.
Help the world, and our crew, flourish.


Our Spaces

'Bellroy' is a fusion of our two homes – Bells Beach and Fitzroy. Bells Beach brings a relaxed, outdoor vibe to balance Fitzroy's creative, urban style. The city and the sea; inspiration and adventure. Together they provide a perfect balance.

Bells Beach

Our beach HQ sits behind giant sandstone cliffs that overlook one of Australia’s best-known surfing coastlines. It’s where our Product Designers experiment in the Maker Lab, and our Sales team consume awesome amounts of espresso and Skype bandwidth. Things are more tranquil here than our Fitzroy neighbours and we like the focus that can create. There’s a cafe right next door if you need a quick bite and our 11am surf check always provides the perfect chance to reset the mind with some salt air.


Our Fitzroy space is immersed in the middle of Melbourne’s creative hub. It’s where our Creative, Marketing, Engineering and Operations teams develop campaigns and ensure each Bellroy is sent safely across the world. Walk out the door and you’ll find streets bursting with energy (and the best ramen joint this side of Tokyo). There’s also an olympic-size pool just around the corner for those in need of a lunchtime refresh.


Outside of our two main headquarters we have a team that works remotely - from Western Australia to parts of Asia, the USA and Europe. Being global is at the heart of Bellroy, it keeps us connected, and makes sure we see life from many different perspectives. If you have an internet connection and the flexibility to become part of a team you don’t see everyday, you might consider joining our growing global network.

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Our Team

It takes a diverse crew to make Bellroy tick. We’re a collection of thinkers and makers, coming from over 25 different countries (and counting). Everyone has a unique set of skills, which all blend to achieve a clear vision – Inspire better ways to carry; use business as a force for good; help the world, and our crew, flourish.

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