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Office Organiser


You’ll help our office to feel bright, beautiful, organised and fun by handling the daily housekeeping tasks and keeping a keen eye out for ways to make things even better. With your approachable nature and nurturing spirit, you will be the go-to for everyone in the office. If you can’t help them, you will know exactly in which direction to point them. When not helping our people, you’ll be sorting our incoming and outgoing mail, greeting visitors, answering the phone, purchasing office supplies and organising office maintenance. Oh, and our plants will rely on your care too.

We’re a dynamic, growing business that loves diverse contributions, so you’ll be called upon for ideas and input along the way. We’re also a company that cares. We’re proud to be part of the B Corp movement – a group of certified companies using the power of business to help solve social and environmental issues. And we reckon, with your caring nature, that’s probably a big deal for you, too.


You love to get things organised, sorted and looking great. You excel at making spaces and experiences great for people and you care about the little things. As a design-led business, our office is an extension of our brand, and you care about making and keeping it beautiful. You notice little things that are messy, need to be re-organised or are just not as awesome as they could be, and you fix them before anyone has had the chance to notice.

You get a real kick out of helping people. You’re probably the kind of human who loves giving gifts; thinking carefully about what your recipient enjoys and cares about, then finding just the right thing for them (and getting a rush of happy vibes when they truly love it). You are a bit of a quiet achiever, not really drawn to the limelight; but being given the tools and support to flourish in a workplace where your efforts are appreciated is very high on your list. We’ll appreciate your fine eye for detail, great taste and ability to make people feel cared for, and we’ll make sure you know it. High fives all ‘round.


  • Kept on top of the office tidiness – watering the plants, unloading the dishwasher, reorganising product shelves, making sure all of our snacks and drinks are stocked, taking out the rubbish and recycling.
  • Ensured the printers were well stocked with paper and stationery cupboards brimming.
  • Helped the team arrange the conversion of a meeting room into a product development space by sussing out how they wanted the space organised and arranged any supplies that were needed.
  • Answered phone calls from recruiters and sales people, asking them to send their pitch in an email you'll forward on, or from retailers, who you guided to the correct sales staff.
  • Organised for three boxes of wallets to be sent to our warehouse, as well as FedEx and Auspost packaging to top up office supplies.

We’re looking for an organiser with a discerning eye for detail, as well as a positive approach to work (because we all enjoy what we do here). We don’t like to follow the normal conventions of corporate life and prefer to think about our solutions to office life that best suit our people. (Did we mention we have sleep pods for our polyphasic sleepers and daytime nappers, and we often have dogs in the office?)

If this sounds like you, and we sound like a place you’d like to be, we’d love to hear from you.


This is a part-time to full-time role based in our Fitzroy office. The hours can be flexible and suited to the ideal candidate. Ideally, we’d like someone to work five days a week and be available in the morning (but if you can’t do that, it’s not a deal breaker). This is the kind of role that can fit in around university study or school pickups..

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Office Organiser


Inspire better ways to carry.
Use business as a force for good.
Help the world, and our crew, flourish.