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There are certain things you need on hand to move seamlessly through life – your cash, phone, keys, and a pair of well-tied shoelaces. The tips below have been curated by our team here at Bellroy, to help you move forward with light shoulders and peace of mind. Carry better, go there…

For your everyday carry

Snap Your Receipts

Don't carry a Tolstoy novel worth of receipts in your pocket. Apps like Evernote use text recognition to help you find a particular receipt for warranty or exchange. Most tax folk are happy with just the photo too (but first, we do recommend double-checking with your accountant).

Keep It Together

If your earbuds, keys, and other essentials are making your pockets look like a santa sack, pop them in your sunglasses case. It doubles as a great organizational space and offers more protection as well.

Reward Yourself

Loyalty cards are great, but having too many will make your wallet feel like a cinder block. And when you have to hunt for the right one at checkout? Yikes. With Sto Card you can merge eight cards into one. So chuck the bulk and the hassle, while still getting every 10th coffee on the house.

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For Your Phone

SIM and Save

Ever come home from a great trip only to get a phone bill that was more than your airfare? We have. And it stings. To get data and calls at local prices when traveling, buy a local SIM card. Alternatively, GO Sim and World Sim offer cards that work in up to 190 different countries, at a fraction of the cost.

Dress Up, Slim Down

When you’re heading out for the night, dress up and slim down. Give your wallet the night off and use a phone case for your credit card and ID. Most can hold 3 cards, and, if you need cash, you can easily stash a couple of bills between the case and phone for emergencies.

Don’t Get Lost Offline

Don’t miss finding that back alley restaurant when you can’t get a good web connection. While you have WiFi in your hotel, load a large part of the city on Google Maps. You might still get lost in translation navigating the dinner menu, but you’ll be set when navigating the streets.

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For your travels

Stop Stuffing, Start Rolling

When your luggage is overflowing, quit stuffing. You can get more real estate by rolling your clothes instead of folding. The space in your shoes also acts as extra storage for smaller items like socks, belts and toiletries. This should help prevent an awkward spontaneous combustion when checking in at the airport.

Keep a Pen Handy

You know when everyone on the plane is scrambling to fill in their customs forms? That moment and many others will be less stressful if you keep a tiny pen with your passport (all of our Travel Wallets have one). They’re also great for jotting down notes and scribbling out those little treasure maps.

Carry a Decoy Wallet

When traveling in certain areas of the world, pick-pocketing can be as commonplace as the local pigeons. Carry a cheap decoy wallet stuffed with a couple of small notes and throwaway cards. It’ll one up those light-fingered muggers and pick-pocketers bent upon duping you.

For your outdoor adventures

Dry Bag, Calm Mind

On an adventure you want to embrace the storm, not worry about your phone getting wet. Put your essentials in a sealed, dry bag and focus on soaking up the elements. Slide a pair of socks in there too. It might not sound like much, but they’re pure gold after a long day of hiking.

First Aid, Not Band Aids

A lot of people buy standard first aid kits and call it a day. Problem is they come in bulky cases and are loaded with a thousand band aids and no antiseptic. Here’s a good guide on how to nail the basics.

Make a List, Slim Down

Don’t let your rucksack weigh you down. Write a list of what you need before you pack, and stick to it. Afterwards, take note of what you didn’t use. That way you can slim down your packing list for the next trip. It’s amazing how casting off the inessential can help give your legs a few extra miles.

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