Karan Singh

Carries a curiosity through art, travel and desire for constant iteration.

It’s hard to look at Karan Singh’s work and not see an artist who finds joy in all the corners of the world. The illustrator has lived in Amsterdam, New York, Tokyo, Malmö and Melbourne – and feels a deep curiosity for how people live, move and relate in different places. At Bellroy, we found instant connection with Karan based on this global perspective and the curiosity that keeps him learning and iterating.

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“Every time we went somewhere new, we were surrounded by new people, food, cultures and things we never knew existed. We were shining a light into this patch of what was previously darkness for us. I became addicted to the sense of discovery and having that inspiration all the time...”

Karan Singh

A partnership based on shared values

Karan is the type of global citizen we design many of our products for. He values freedom of movement and prioritizes function and longevity in the things he carries with him. While we share many things, it is perhaps our mutual desire for exploration that gives this partnership its greatest potential.

What iteration means to a forever student

“I like to learn, and am constantly looking for ways to push things. Both in my craft and in life. Any time I get to work on a collaboration it is just that – a collaboration, where I can learn more from working with other people. I consider myself a work in progress. And I will be for as long as I am doing this.”

Karan and his travelling Bellroys

“Because I’ve traveled and moved so much, the things that I want to rely on need to last. I can’t take all the things with me, so I’d rather take one thing that works functionally for my life and will last no matter the scenario. My oldest Bellroy is the [since retired] All-Conditions Essentials Pocket that I got about six years ago, it’s been a really trusty accomplice and hasn’t shown any signs of wear – it’s just built character.”

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