Cadel Evans

Carries lessons in performance and efficiency to get more out of his active life.

Cadel Evans is a former professional racing cyclist and Tour de France winner who trained every day with a Bellroy in his pocket. In his life post-racing, Cadel takes his sons fishing, goes running in the forest, crosses international borders daily and still cycles some serious inclines (living in Switzerland is good for that). We are amazed by Cadel’s ability to live a highly active life with such efficiency, and appreciation of the essential.

“I used to wake up every morning and go to bed every night thinking about how I could get the most out of my performance on the bike. Now I go to bed thinking about how to get the most out of the next day.”

Cadel Evans

A partnership based on shared values

Cadel is particular about how he spends his time, and the tools or equipment he chooses to get him through life. Like us, Cadel knows the value of moving about the world with ease and simplicity – so he can spend less time worrying about ‘stuff’ and more time enjoying things with the people he loves.

Learning to balance carry modes (and international borders)

“My carry style is minimalist when I’m on the bike or running in the forest. But having young children teaches you to travel with a lot of stuff! Yesterday I took a Transit Backpack across the border [of Switzerland and Italy] to pick up my son, filled with a couple of passports, a picnic lunch for us, my folio full of documents, and some fishing gear!”

Cadel’s Bellroy journey began when we did

Twelve years ago, Cadel wandered into a store near our Bells Beach home and asked a couple of questions about a Bellroy product he saw there. Within 10 minutes, our co-founder Andy walked in to answer the questions in person. Cadel trained with a Phone Pocket in his jersey every day after that. And now relies on a new set of Bellroys to keep things seamless.

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