Single Rail Mod System

This system uses one locking groove and a magnetic array to let you securely snap the Mod Wallet - Single Rail System to the back of your Mod Phone Case - Single Rail System. It is compatible with Mod Phone Cases and Wallets for the iPhone 14 series (September 2022 or later).

#[] Designers Edition Premium Edition Google Edition Second Edition Black Spark Edition MIRUM® Edition Brushed Indigo Edition Riverbark Edition Carryology Essentials Edition Previous Edition Camera Edition Double Rail System Single Rail System Karan Singh Edition Patty Mills Edition Third Edition New

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This slim leather case protects your phone from the daily grind, and can be snapped to our Mod Wallet – Single Rail System.

Select size:

Select color: #[sku.dimensions.color] DriTan™ Leather Leather free Plant based

Select size:

Select color: #[sku.dimensions.color] DriTan™ Leather Leather free Plant based

Limit: 2 per person

Design insights

Compatible with Single Rail Mod products
Super slim
Eco-tanned leather




Shipping & Delivery

3 year warranty

Full of features

Made for mod

Mod wallet compatible iPhone cases with eco-tanned leather and slim profile

Better with age

Leather phone case, premium material for your iPhone, made to last

Considered construction

Sleek and slim iPhone case, excess-free design to protect your iPhone
Our iPhone cases in our different colors, ideal to protect your iPhone and connect your mod wallet
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