Edition 01

Small Batch is a program of limited run experiments. It's the place for us to share our experiments; the products that break a couple of rules. It’s not for the masses – it’s for those who appreciate rare, expressive pieces. And who will wear their difference proudly.

Edition 01: Brushed Indigo

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Sling Mini

A compact companion that keeps pockets light, and essentials at hand.

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The original hands-free carryall, for agile urban adventures.

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City Pouch

A super slim sidekick that fits a small tablet, and still fits under your jacket.

Behind the design

The subtle camouflage of our Brushed Indigo experiment is achieved through precision texturing, bringing a unique expressive finish to these staple small bags.

This technique creates a pattern that catches your eye, and then recedes into the background, depending on the angle and how you’re holding it. There’s a very subtle energy to it.

Davin, Bellroy Designer

Textiles are all around us. Covering our seats, our windows, our bodies. But the moments when those textiles surprise us or bring us joy are quite rare. With this fabric, we were thinking of the layers and shades and tones as layers of personality. To express something interesting, but harmonious.

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