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Select color: #[sku.dimensions.color] DriTan™ Leather Leather free Plant based

Select color: #[sku.dimensions.color] DriTan™ Leather Leather free Plant based

Design insights
  • Valued at #[greater_price]
  • Fits 2 passports, 4-8 cards, cash and boarding passes
  • RFID Protection
  • Includes a micro pen, and space for a full size pen
  • Leather divider organizes documents and keeps cash hidden
  • Quick-access card slots in the middle, stacked storage at the back
  • Premium, environmentally certified leather
  • Backed by our 3 year warranty
  • 175 x 115 x 20 mm
  • 161g
Our leathers & materials

The leathers we use are premium hides tanned under gold-rated Leather Working Group environmental protocols, then dyed through so they age gracefully. The woven fabrics we use are sustainably produced and chosen for their durability and lightweight performance.

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Shipping and Returns

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3 year warranty

Bellroy products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for three years from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended.

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For peace of mind zipped up with your travel essentials. This compact travel folio holds two passports, eight cards and cash hidden in the back.

Full of features

Family friendly

The zip closure allows for flexible storage without the risk of anything dropping out. Passports, tickets, check in and go.

Maintain some mystery

Enjoy an extra sense of security in new places with your cash and boarding passes hidden away in the back.

Left, right and out of sight

Easy to use in a rush: travel documents live on the left, credit cards on the right, a pen down the middle. And the rest is tucked behind.

Fun fact

It’s often cheaper to use a local SIM while abroad. So we added a sim card slot to store your spare, and an ejector pin.

From the designer

“We designed this to reduce the anxiety that can come with travel. Everything comes in and goes out vertically while the zip keeps things in place.”

Surprising storage

Surprising storage
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