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This pouch keeps your tech and desk essentials organized and on display, then zips up so you can dash to your next hot desk.

Select color: #[sku.dimensions.color] DriTan™ Leather Leather free Plant based

Select color: #[sku.dimensions.color] DriTan™ Leather Leather free Plant based

Design insights
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  • Front panel folds down to display what’s inside
  • Stands upright when full
  • Smooth-action angled zip, for easy access
  • Flexible storage space for all kinds of items
  • Divider wall with elastic loop storage
  • Zip mesh pocket for personal items
  • Pen/stylus loop
  • Structured yet squishable shape
  • Made from durable, water resistant fabric
  • Backed by our 3 year warranty
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Stands upright
Versatile storage
Elastic cable loops
Dimensions 240 x 150 x 80mm

This pouch is made from durable, water-resistant 100% recycled fabric.

Shipping and Returns

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3 year warranty

Bellroy products are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship for three years from original date of purchase when used under normal conditions and for the purpose intended.

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Full of features

Display mode

The drop front panel and ‘stadium seating’ organization keep your work tools on display, while still being neatly stowed.

Versatile storage

Stationery, work essentials, tech accessories – this pouch’s ‘just-enough’ approach to pockets means it isn’t fussy about what you store in it.

Tech savvy

The clever elastic loops wrangle cables with ease, and the free form central storage is big enough to hold a large-format laptop charger.

Privacy pocket

Keep things that aren’t for public display, like valuables or personal items, safely zipped in this stretchy mesh pocket.

Behind the design

“This pouch shines in stash-and-go situations, like moving between hot desk and home. It keeps everything organised and easily accessible when you’re at your workspace.”— Sheena, Bellroy designer

Surprising storage

Surprising storage
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