bellroy x STAPLE

Together we are strong. Melbourne to New York and everywhere between.

Bellroy and Staple come together to honor our collective, global frontline – the people who nurse us to health, fight our fires, rescue our wildlife, deliver aid.

All net proceeds will be donated to Australian Red Cross and NYU Langone Health.

For our first responders

Bright blue lining, inspired by the scrubs of health workers

Strong webbing handles in colors worn by emergency services

Khaki ripstop nylon exterior, in honor of our firefighters

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We have all been impacted by events this year, but it’s the first responders who had to put on their uniforms and front up to the biggest challenges every single day.

– Bellroy co-founder, Andy

Our heroes reflect

To me, being a firefighter in times like these means being available to the community in whatever way they need us.


Helping others gives me perspective on life. It reminds me how fortunate I am, and that everybody has a story.

Crisis Supporter for Lifeline

In a small town you’re always on the front line. When the town was under fire threat, it didn’t matter if you were a paid firefighter, CFA volunteer or local; everyone worked together.

Volunteer firefighter (for 35 years!)

Being on the frontline during a bushfire, watching the earth burn, means that the effects of climate change are front of mind for me. It feels urgent.

Forest firefighter

There’s no better team bonding exercise than working to save someone whilst wearing full PPE!


We were firefighting in emergency conditions non-stop from August to February. Our community has been very generous; we’re working hard to put that generosity to best use.

Regional Fire Service

Help us support our collective, global frontline