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Community and Partnerships Lead

Bellroy exists to help people carry better, do more and flourish. Spreading our brand across the map in the right way is crucial to reaching our goal, so we’re on the hunt for a Community and Partnerships Lead to help us make that happen. Specifically, to forge clever connections, spot unique (perhaps unconventional) opportunities to get our brand into people’s lives, and implement strategic partnership activity with reason to back it up and data to measure its success. If you can bring your charm, smarts and fortitude, we’ll offer the tools to do your thing, a world-class crew to bounce off, and the support you need to flourish.


We don’t do anything ‘just because’, nor do we take the road commonly traveled because it’s how things have always been done. We experiment, analyse and iterate to ensure we’re growing in the right direction, and the Bellroy brand is singing loudly from the rooftops. As the Community and Partnerships Lead, you’ll look at community outreach with fresh but critical eyes. You’ll split your time between PR, affiliate marketing, social media strategy and new partnership opportunities.

You’ll call on your little black book full of connections and anecdotes (such as the time you sang karaoke with that filmmaker in Japan...) to explore opportunities for Bellroy to reach new corners of our community, or existing corners in never-done-before ways.

But it’s not all sunshine, lollipops and chit chat. You’ll strategise on exactly where to focus your charms, and then nurture relationships with a targeted list of influencers, media, like-minded brands and potential collaborators. You’ll apply your strategic mind to discern between the good ideas and the right ideas for Bellroy, to ensure we’re always communicating the right message through the right channels – and measuring the outcomes to keep us on the most effective path possible.

We’re proud to have a dedicated following all over the globe, but we’re ready to ramp that up a notch and extend our reach into new spaces; to grow our community into something that we’ve never had before. That’s where you come in...


You’re versatile and your interests are wildly varied, which makes it easy for you to relate to a lot of different people. Learning to fly? Crowdfunding a personal project? Following the making of a local documentary? Right on. You see connections a little like a constellation – you’ll walk into a room knowing one person (or no one, because you’re comfortable with that), and walk out knowing everyone’s name, most recent passport stamp and whether they have a penchant for Mexican wrestling. And you can draw on your empathy and intuition easily to create tailored and personal communications that maintain genuine relationships.

You’re results-oriented, self-motivated and confident in your decision-making. While there’s a world-class crew of people here to draw on, you’re happy to lead the charge. And you have the determination and grit to see things through, adapt along the way, learn from your mistakes and relish seeing the improvement in both yourself and the Bellroy brand.


  • Seeding an upcoming product launch across your network of press contacts, using a unique angle to position the release.
  • Meeting with our data team to measure the impact and effectiveness of a recent editorial campaign.
  • Presenting a report on the ROI generated in last month’s ambassador program to key stakeholders.
  • Working with the creative team to develop next month’s content plan across all channels.
  • Working with one of our affiliated responsible business partners such as B-Corp or Farm Forward, to develop an initiative that aligns with Bellroy’s brand values.
  • Building a promotional calendar that looks at key global events we could leverage customer demand around (eg. Christmas, Black Friday, Father’s Day and seasonal holiday periods), drawing on insights from our wholesale accounts and web analytics.
  • Reaching out to world-class influencers to onboard them through our ambassador program.


  • Strong ability to network, generate leads and develop long-lasting relationships.
  • Understanding of different personality types and ability to relate to all kinds of people using tailored communication methods.
  • Ability to discern between communication channels/platforms, and their unique purposes (ie. company content via LinkedIn for recruitment, lifestyle content via ambassadors on Instagram, collaborations and design interviews through editorial media).
  • Solid project management skills.
  • Ability to balance business considerations and determine priorities.
  • Familiarity with technology, and the ability to use different tools and resources to increase efficiency.
  • A passion for being creative and the ability to measure your impact.


$60-80k inclusive of super – variable depending on experience.

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Community and Partnerships Lead


Inspire better ways to carry.
Use business as a force for good.
Help the world, and our crew, flourish.