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This handy insulated sidekick keeps your lunch or drinks cold on the go, then squishes down when it’s empty, for easy packing.

Select color: #[sku.dimensions.color] DriTan™ Leather Leather free Plant based

Select color: #[sku.dimensions.color] DriTan™ Leather Leather free Plant based

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Limit: 2 per person


Foldable and packable
Built-in bottle opener
3M™ Thinsulate™






Shipping & Delivery

3 year warranty

Full of features

Squishable shape

Flexible insulated lunch bag compresses around contents and foldable once empty

Bottle opener

Carry your lunch with your cooler bag and use the slide-hook as a bottle opener

Waterproof lining

Waterproof lining for our insulated lunch bag, that helps to prevent leaks and keeps your lunch cold

Many uses

Easily carry your insulated lunch back by hanging it on the outside of your backpack

Behind the design

Versatile outdoor cooler to keep a 6-pack cold during a picnic

Surprising storage

Small lunch bag to keep a 6-pack cold or your lunch warm
6 L


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