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Slim Your Wallet

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(Without turning your world upside down. Scroll down to learn how.)

Step 1. Understand the Problem

Lose the bulge

Having a Fat Wallet is nothing to be ashamed of. Sure you have a slim phone and slim laptop but when it comes to wallets, it's something you've probably never thought much about.

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The 3 Main Causes

Separated Cards

Separated Cards

Every time you separate cards, you put leather & air between them.



Ditch your receipts from 1988! We'll show you how next.



They break cards, stretch leather and create chaotic bulk.

Step 2. Fix the Problem

3 Tips to Slim

We urge you to pull out your wallet, and slim it right now...

Tip 1. Split your cards

Daily Cards

Your 2 or 3 Daily Cards should be kept in the main slots (it's generally just ID and your main credit card).

Monthly Cards

Stack your important but less used Monthly Cards and keep them together in a flat section. No leather between your cards reduces bulk.

Tip 2. Photograph your receipts

Use your smartphone to photograph any receipts. You can then email or file them at your convenience.

A photo works for accounts, warranties or lodging claims.

Now screw up the receipts & throw them in the bin. This will feel a little scary at first, but trust us, it will liberate you!

Tip 3. Reduce your coins

Store coins in your front pocket, bag, car, or piggy bank.

In a wallet, they can cause havoc. If you need to hang on to some for coffee, prioritise a couple of higher worth ones, and cleanse the rest.

Trust us, you'll feel better for it.



We hope your wallet looks neater, reduces the ugly bulge, and gets a "thank you" from your back.

Become a Slim Ninja

Step 3. The Bellroy Approach

Our Focus

At Bellroy, our slim-design philosophies are...

1. Less is More

Dividing your cards with leather adds significant bulk to your wallet. Instead, stacking your cards together saves loads of space. Crafting wallets that don't have those little voids (as shown in the wallet to the right) helps create a slimmer silhouette.

Move the slider to see how these wallets fill up
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  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5
  • 6
  • 7
  • 8
  • 9
  • 10 Cards
  • Cash

2. Better Experiences

Function without emotion feels lifeless. Instead, we want to share the benefits of slim, with the benefits of better experiences...

Our pull-tabs ensure you can access those monthly cards quickly and smoothly.
Our Hide & Seek wallet has a hidden bill section for keeping some cash away from prying eyes.
Active folk can keep out sand, grit and moisture no matter where their adventures lead them.
Our travel wallets let you fill out documents on the move with a sweet little micro pen.

Step 4. Our Wallets

When selecting the best wallet for you, first figure out...

How do you store your bills?

  • Folded Bills

    For the smallest wallets

  • Flat Bills

    For the easiest access

Card Sleeve

2 - 8+ Cards

Very Small

4 - 15+ Cards

Slim Sleeve

4 - 14+ Cards

Note Sleeve

4 - 11+ Cards

Hide & Seek

5 - 12+ Cards

Take Out

8 - 16+ Cards