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We shared our first wallet in 2010, but the idea for thinner wallets started brewing ten years earlier.

A frustration had surfaced at design school, seeing folk sat crooked with ugly lumps in their pockets. Years later we found ourselves back home, gathered round the kitchen table in Bells Beach, with the guts to do something about it.

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Chewing through ideas and thrashing out concepts, we searched for the magic insight that would transform how we carry our everyday things. We brought together some talented friends, set up Carryology and Bellroy, and threw ourselves deep into carry geekery.

Carryology helped us find the insights we were looking for. By making our most used cards the easiest to reach and tucking away what we rarely use, we reengineered a fundamentally flawed design.

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And so the Bellroy quest began – improving the way folk carry. Whether buying a morning coffee, cycling in the rain, a city commute or a weekend away, we knew that when we’ve got the right things on hand we're more willing to roam. And this is when we really experience what the world has to offer.

So we'll continue to craft better ways to carry, sharing designs and insights that help you move effortlessly between your worlds.


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We're at home in both Bells Beach and Fitzroy. Bells is surrounded by world-class surf and marks the beginning of the Great Ocean Road. Fitzroy is Melbourne's creative hub, overflowing with incredible art, brands and bars. We love moving between these different worlds - the city and the sea, our inspiration and nature.