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iPhone 7 and Samsung S7 cases coming
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iPhone 7 cases coming this month
Coming (very) soon: Our popular 1 Card Case for iPhone 7 features a newly engineered flex polymer, soft microfiber lining and premium vegetable-tanned leather to protect your phone better than ever before.
Leather’s unique properties make it the material foundation of every Bellroy product. To ensure our leathers are slim, strong, and a delight to use, we run a magnifying glass over the tiniest of design details.

Our leathers come in a range of colors, age gracefully and are backed by our 3-year warranty.

aged Eucalyptus
aged teal
aged Arctic Blue
aged blue steel
aged slate
aged charcoal
aged black
aged java
aged mocha
aged cocoa
aged tamarillo
aged Burnt Orange
aged tan
aged caramel

Naked Leathers


Our Naked leathers draw on thousands of years of leather craft, showcasing the hides with minimal intervention. These aniline hides eschew additional treatments, leaving the grain and personality on full display. As you handle them, the grain develops a richer texture and takes on more character and color with daily use.

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Dressed Leathers


Our Dressed leathers are more durable than our Naked leathers whilst still retaining a natural appearance. A light natural coating of pigment increases their durability, resulting in a wonderful balance between consistency and character.

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All-Conditions Leather


Our All-Conditions leathers are our most durable, able to repel both water and wear. Their resilience is provided by additional treatments in both the surface and structure of our hides creating a supple hand-feel. These hides can also fall under the category of pull-up leathers, giving them the unique quality of developing more pronounced surface marks that can be buffed away using your fingertips.

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If leather gets wet

Dry it slowly. Speed drying leather changes its chemical structure, and you end up with stiff crinkle cut chaos. When drying wet leather, make sure you do so at room temperature and be sure that your wallet starts in the shape you want it to end up as.

If leather gets dry

Rub something damp into it like leather dressing or cream. Pick a leather care solution that's made from all natural ingredients – make sure it’s clear, too, to avoid discoloration.

If leather gets dirty

Use a damp cloth and steer clear from adding soaps or vinegar to the water. For tough stains like pen ink or red wine, try using leather conditioning treatments specifically designed to remove the stain but not the leather’s dye.