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Designers Edition This range elevates our design to a place we’ve not been before. Exclusive leathers, metallic accents, crisp lines and minimalist forms allow you to relish the simplicity and indulge in the details.

Note Sleeve - Designers Edition


4 – 11+ cards, flat bills, coins or business cards

Folio Wallet - Designers Edition


4 – 12+ cards, flat bills, coins, smartphone

Zip Wallet - Designers Edition


2 – 12+ cards, flat bills, coins or business cards

Card Slip - Designers Edition


1 – 6 cards, folded bills

“We've brought details and techniques gathered over the years into a collection that showcases the full skill of our designers and makers.”

Andy Fallshaw
Founding Designer

Travel Wallet - Designers Edition


4 – 10+ cards, passport, pen, tickets