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Digital Marketer


At Bellroy, we believe in balance. Art + science. Design + data. Intuition + technology. We are proud of the products we put out into the world, and like to know that they are being supported as best they can by all parts of the business. As our Digital Marketer, you’d be responsible for managing our digital advertising program (and our Digital Advertising Mechanic), guiding the strategy around our email marketing and getting our affiliate program off the ground. You’ll work to understand the Bellroy customer and design digital marketing initiatives to suit. You’ll collaborate with our marketing, online sales and creative teams, to facilitate content creation, align creative campaigns with marketing activity and promote changes to bellroy.com and our digital marketplaces that are likely to increase sales.

If you bring your curious, analytical and insightful brain to help us, we’ll offer a world-class team to bounce off, the tools you need to do your thing, and the support you need to flourish.


You’re as thirsty for knowledge as you are for water. You love breaking ideas down in your mind, challenging the status quo and attacking a concept from multiple angles and all perspectives. You’re curious and imaginative, but you don’t let thoughts linger in the air – you’re also decisive and determined. You love to think big and brainstorm different ways to reach a goal; and you tend to believe that, with some smarts, good processes and a bit of elbow grease, many great things are possible.

You have some experience in the areas of digital advertising and digital marketing. You might have a qualification in marketing, or perhaps psychology. Or you’re just super interested in those things and have done a fair bit of unofficial learning along the way. Considering customer insights and human behaviour comes naturally to you – you wouldn’t even call that a job; it’s just what happens in your brain. You consider yourself a creative thinker, with the logic to back it up, and the fortitude to push for the right kind of action. The “right kind” to you is probably measured by how much it will inform and motivate our customers to engage or buy. Because analytical and data-driven thinking sit in your top pocket, peering into every idea you generate, and decision you make. It’s a pretty interesting place, your brain. And we’d love to meet it (and you).


  • Ability to create a plan, execute it and then measure its success.
  • Confidence creating and navigating spreadsheets.
  • Solid knowledge of at least one website analytics suite (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, Kissmetrics, etc).
  • Experience setting up and optimizing Google Adwords campaigns.
  • Ability to stay on top of the latest trends and best practices in online marketing and measurement.
  • Experience with A/B and multivariate experiments.
  • Experience in optimising landing pages and conversion funnels.


This is a full-time role based in our Fitzroy office.

Start Day: We're ready when you are!

Digital Marketer


Inspire better ways to carry.
Use business as a force for good.
Help the world, and our crew, flourish.