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Digital Advertising Mechanic


You’re creative, analytical and driven to help online businesses grow. You’re interested in marketing, but fascinated by growth. As our Digital Advertising Mechanic you will work with our advertising team, data scientists and improvements team to help us reach the right customers, at the right time, in the right place – through data analysis, technical problem solving, experimentation and a bit of creative thinking. If you bring your curiosity and critical thinking to help us grow, our world class team will give you the freedom, resources and support you need to really make a difference.


You’re keen to ‘get under the hood’ and look at the nitty gritty to give us a better idea of what’s working and what isn’t. When something isn’t working, you take an active interest in figuring out why and then tinkering with the parts to make it better – ensuring you follow it through to the very end with focus and precision (no parts left on the workshop floor).

You might not have much work experience – and that’s OK, because you’re familiar with this way of thinking from uni, working on your own thing, or your insatiable consumption of blogs, articles, books and forums. We are looking for someone who is driven (you’re a mechanic after all) to learn and improve all the time, and who can embrace the idea of the new and untried.

You’re technically literate. You may have started with technical interests or come to them as you began to explore what computers could do for you. You’ve probably dabbled in some web development and you’re keen on experimenting to really understand what’s working. However you got there, you’re now able to write simple programs, or at least know what tools you’d use to get a basic website up and running and integrate some external services with it. You love understanding how technology works, and thinking about how you can use it to make things easier, faster and better.

You are excited about using technical platforms to reach an audience, but even more excited to understand what the impact of our efforts has been. You can look at a whole mess of data and then turn your mind around to how it relates in human, real-world contexts. You eagerly seek to understand how an algorithm works, so you can feed it the right information to get the best result. Numbers and complexity don’t scare you. Instead, they inspire you to find innovative solutions to complicated problems. 


  • Building new keyword lists for search and display ad targeting
  • Digging into Google Analytics to determine what is performing well, as well as resolving that annoying bug that stops one of our tags from firing on any page with an umlaut in its URL
  • Updating HTML and JavaScript in Google Tag Manager
  • Working with our data science and creative teams to update the latest performance data and then sharing this with stakeholders
  • Responding to an alert from Adwords about an ad group pausing due to a spend trigger being reached by logging in and checking the analytics to decide whether to turn it back on
  • Adding some newly released products to our Google Shopping feeds (and queuing development of automatic feeds with our programmers so you don’t have to keep doing this forever)
  • Scouring for bugs that interact with our digital advertising


  • Proficiency with HTML/CSS/Javascript
  • An interest in technical tasks
  • A sense of curiosity around complex information
  • Familiarity with Adwords, Google Analytics and Facebook Advertising
  • Great experience and precision with Microsoft Excel
  • Experience in a fast-paced business (or independent endeavours)
  • A sense of teamwork and collaboration
  • A strong focus on getting the details right


This role is a full-time position ideally located in our Fitzroy office, however we are open to remote locations with flexible hours.

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Digital Advertising Mechanic


Inspire better ways to carry.
Use business as a force for good.
Help the world, and our crew, flourish.